Monarch Tool and Manufacturing Company was founded in 1903 and incorporated in 1905. The original partners were Mr. Louis Hall and Mr. Walter Boer. Although Monarch was involved in the production of many different parts, from marine engines, to specialty valves, and parts for appliances and automotive parts, from the very beginning we have been involved the production of coin mechanisms for various applications. Early player pianos used our coin boxes and timers as well as the player bar. Later, juke boxes used Monarch coin devices and stampings for internal mechanisms. Pool Tables have long used Monarch Mechanisms as well.

Coin mechanisms with a slide were a part of our line from the earliest days. The unit shown at the right was used to control player pianos. These were made to accept pennies, nickels and dimes, and included a built-in timing mechanism. Vending machines came on the scene early in the century, and Monarch was there with a push/pull style mechanism to serve that need. Early cigarette and candy machines used products similar to the one at the below.

In the early 40’s, Mr. Mitchell Hall bought the company from his father & his father’s partner, Lindel Myers. Soon after that, he began working with Ed Heath, who established Heath Sales of Macon Georgia as a company to market Monarch products to the manufactures. For the next 35 years, this arrangement, based on a handshake, and mutual respect, saw Monarch grow and become an innovator in coin mechanisms. Mr. Hall has accumulated a number of patents for features and variation to involving coin mechanisms and other products. The birth of coin operated laundry equipment actually began much earlier than is usually recognized. Pilot projects, using coin mechanisms and timers installed in the skirts of wringer type washers, began as early as 1936, but the re-tooling of American for World War II put all such projects on hold for the duration. During the war, Monarch was involved with the production of parts for munitions, and other materiel for the war effort.

When the war was over, Monarch was there with the Model 444 Single Coin Mechanism. With only a few cosmetic changes in the intervening years, the mechanism is still available and going strong, although today it is mostly for tokens and Tokettes. It is estimated over 10 million of these units have been made over the decades. This is our primary slide for our unique tokens, but if you still wish to have one that only accepts pennies, we will be happy to oblige!

In the late 50’s, Monarch introduced the Model 1000, which accepted two coins. The 444’s and the 1000’s were the workhorses for the coin laundry industry for many years. With the radical inflation of the 70’s, the time was ripe to introduce the Vertical Eight Coin mechanism, which has proven versatile and rugged, serving in many countries for many different coins. The rise of the vertical four and five coin acceptors have made the Model 1000 obsolete and production on this unit was discontinued in the early part of 2000.

We now have the fourth generation of Halls taking an active part in the operation of Monarch. Mr. Mitchell Hall passed away in 2001. His daughter, Stephanie, continues to manage the day-to-day operations. And recently, her daughter Danielle, and her son, Elias have joined Monarch and are now working in the plant, learning the operations of the company.

Today, Monarch strives to produce the best American Made products possible. Our efforts include the introduction of new products and supplemental accessories, such as the Monarch Key KopTM and the AquaMiserTM Shower Timers & Universal Bathroom Lock

Our position is that we are not just a manufacturer. We are a service provider, and our service is to provide you with the items you need in a prompt manner. All of us at Monarch thank you for your patronage. You are the reason we exist. As we approach our centennial, we look forward to serving you for many more years to come.